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There is only one word needed to describe this channel. Rock. There’s the hard kind, the hair kind, some punk kind, a dose of the classic kind, the occasional soft kind, the underground kind and the indie kind. Here you’ll find all kinds of ROCK. Listen to the great rock music you know best from the eighties, nineties and today: from Guns and Roses, AC/DC, and many of the hair bands of the eighties, to Nickelback, Shinedown, and more. The programming of Galaxie channels is intended primarily for residential use. Occasionally, this channel may contain language that may be offensive to some listeners. Galaxie does abide by Broadcast Industry standards and guidelines thus all music played on Galaxie reflects these guidelines and current community standards.


Programmer Patrick Binette Patrick Binette

As a student in Cinema, Patrick sought a temporary, more rewarding than fast food, job and was fortunate enough to be hired by a record store. He was immediately hooked on both film and music which led naturally to the production of music videos and TV.

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